February: 18

Daily Log for February 18th for each year!


Sun Feb 18 2024 12:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)




The current plan is to build out a KBVEStyleSheet, which will nest our static and dynamic tailwindcss configurations. I will try to keep this as vanilla js as possible, so that it can be called and used with any library. This should make it easier for us to style our website and rotate out the colors as we wish.

export const style = new KBVEStyleManager();
export const dyn_style = new DynamicKBVEStyleManager();

These will be the two main source of truths for our style sheets.

Let me boot up the dev build using the nx command, ./kbve.sh -nx kbve.com:dev, which runs the localhost version of the website on port 3000.

While I am fixing up the dynamic styles, I will continue to work on the curves.

The styles class looks good, going to update it and include the documentation, jsdocs, comments, ect… so that we can now utilize it across the AstroVE library.

Let me go ahead and generated the markdown for the code as well.

KBVE Style Management Library

The KBVE Style Management Library provides a TypeScript-based framework for managing and applying dynamic styles within applications. It leverages interfaces and classes to create a flexible system for handling style variables and their transformations.



Represents the base contract for a style sheet within the KBVE framework, defining how style variables can be retrieved and manipulated.


Defines the operations that can be performed on a style variable.



Implements IKBVEStyleSheet, providing the core functionality for managing style variables.


Extends KBVEStyleManager to override the getVariable method, enabling automatic dynamic variable processing.

Exported Instances

This library offers a structured approach to handling styles, allowing for both static and dynamic manipulation of style variables. Its architecture facilitates easy integration and extension within TypeScript applications.


Going to assign a couple small goals for the Atlas library, this includes setting up the bezier curves, an automated browser window and building out the base levels of robo movements.

Before I set the goal for something too large, I think it would make sense to focus on smaller goals for the library.

The three small tasks that I have assigned to weaver are:

For the Bezier curves, we want to aim for them to be as human like as possible.


Since we finished up the base style manager, I want to extend it out for the aside menu and maybe style up the options for each of those options.

Well besides adding the aside, I am thinking of adding an additional SWIPE menu that we would call on the bottom.

The current issue with the aside menu is the color scheme is not yet matching what we are aiming for, hopefully we can resolve that by tonight.

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