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January: 12



  • 4:40pm - crates


    Going to release about three crates within this weekend! The target is establish bare-bone but functional crates and see if we can use them outside of the mono-repo. The main test case would be to establish a functional hybrid repo.

    To prepare for the cargo publish --dry-run, I ran into some errors that need to be fixed for the package. The main error stems from the older utility.rs , which have to be adjusted for the crate release. I am also thinking that before I begin the cargo release, I should also map out the pipeline, that includes automating the bump of the version within the package. To tackle this, I would have to update the kbve.sh shell file and include a function to help me do that. After adding the function into the shell, I believe I would utilize the github actions to run the minor version bumps. Hmm, this would be part of the pipeline? Let us find out, maybe I might be doing it wrong, but that is part of the discovery phase.

  • 5:58pm - shell


    Okay we added the shell function to help bump the version, now I am thinking of making a custom github action that would call the shell file. In this case, we would have an additional workflow that we would call after the sucess of the cargo release. To go back and understand this, we would have the first workflow dry run the package and then publish the package if everything is fine! If the package was published, we would then run an additional workflow that would bump up the version of the erust gui?

    However this could cause a loop, where everytime the code is ran, it would automatically update the package over and over. So we have to becareful on how we run the checks, maybe we could make the release be a specific workflow that we call isolated from the whole monorepo’s action. This means that we would have to run the workflow manually to represent that the package is ready for a release, rather than have it do it automatically from the erust file?

    Actually to handle avoiding any endless loops, we would just check if the /src/ was changed , rather than the root of the package. This will help prevent the loop of releases if we change the Cargo.toml or README.md, since they would be sitting in the root of the package, rather than inside of the /src/ folder.

    I am still theorycrafting this out, so maybe I might run into other problems but this should be more than eneough for now. So the delta of changes for erust would be inside of the /packages/erust/src and not within the root aka /packages/erust/. Extremely important when not trying to create an endless loop of releases.

    Now let me start adding the changes to the pipeline. We will go into the first jobs at line 18 within the ci-main.yml and add a new line to track the changes for erust.

    So under the outputs of alter , we would add erust and change the delta outputs for it.

                    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
                    name: File Alterations
                    if: github.repository == 'kbve/kbve'
                        herbmail:  ${{ steps.delta.outputs.herbmail_any_changed  }}
                        kbve: ${{ steps.delta.outputs.kbve_all_changed_files }}
                        rareicon: ${{ steps.delta.outputs.rareicon_all_changed_files }}
                        discordsh: ${{ steps.delta.outputs.discordsh_all_changed_files }}
                        atlas: ${{ steps.delta.outputs.atlas_any_changed  }}
                        api: ${{ steps.delta.outputs.api_any_changed  }}
                        proxy: ${{ steps.delta.outputs.proxy_any_changed  }}
                        saber: ${{ steps.delta.outputs.saber_any_changed  }}
                        rustprofile:  ${{ steps.delta.outputs.rustprofile_any_changed  }}   
                        erust:  ${{ steps.delta.outputs.erust_any_changed  }}

    Then under the steps for the alter job, we would add the folder that we check, and in this case, we put packages/erust/src/** , making sure to check directly the changes in the src file. This is to avoid the endless loop problem? Hopefully it will help.

    The amount of debugging that I am currently doing to fix the pipeline is a bit much! I had to take a bit of a break and focus on something else before I was ready to setp back into this pit. We were able to get the crate to release as erust with version 0.1.1, but I also want it to create a patch to minor bump the package. Furthermore, I want to use that minor patch as a future way to send out notifications too.

    Ended up spending a decent amount of time at night to get the patching fixed.


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