June : 01

Daily Log for June, 01 of each year.



  • 9:00am - Markets are doing great so far but we shall see how long it lasts, the usual debt ceiling drama always shakes up the movement. I been thinking how many people are generating millions from this uncertain drama, it seems almost manufactured to generate absolute absurd amounts of wealth. These covered calls, puts, err… well the whole wheel system has been doing great in these drama filled markets. Hopefully I can grab another 100 shares of $SPY this month, it would be crazy to see if rally into all time highs while the general economy seems to be in an earthquake fault zone.
  • 3:00pm - A quick league session and some general meme gaming as I restructure my time and brain.
  • 5:00pm - I went food shopping and noticed that certain prices have been dropping and cooling off. Part of me wants to start keeping track of the prices of certain core items, like eggs and fruits? Then maybe start to document their prices as a reference! I am sure there are already apps and services that do this, so I felt like it would just be a personal concept, maybe not really worth too much time to invest into it.
  • 8:00pm - Looking through the whole


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