February: 27

The 27th of February! HDRP or as I like to call it, render engine hellscape! From the sky to water to the lands.


Tue Feb 27 2024 12:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)




I cleaned up a large chunk of the rentearth repo and now I am currently updating the components within the game engine. It does feel a bit weird to merge five different games into one final game but everything was modular and it would be like a modular style game?

This might not work as planned but I want to give it a shot, hell it be worth it if I can just get some base demo or proof of concept out there.

The main issue right now is updating Gaia to 2023, which is causing a ton of nullpoint errors! The red text is just across my screen, nonstop xD This updated package will make adding environmental / terrain easier, as well as, managing the different biomes.

After we get this plugin updated, I will have to loop back to updating all the scenes where we use it.


While I am building the unity project, I am also using the macbook to build out the final apsects of the website.

We added a couple additional libraries but need to load them via components.

I took some time to write out the different components that we need to add into the AstroVE, basically isolating all of aceternity ui library into the astro ve.

After we wrap around those, we can expand them again after call the Astro VE directly!

There might be a bit of a downside to this approach because we have to be careful on how we handle abstract colors for different websites and themes, but I think we can figure that out as we build it out.

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