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February: 24




The main focus today will be to extend out the camera service within the Unity game engine! The Camera Service is extremely important throughout the game and making sure we have a solid foundation around this camera system will make all future projects easier.

The plan is to slowly add more functions and features within the service, while trying our best to maintain a level of backwards compatibility.

We know that there would be a main camera and then virtual cameras that are controlled through the cinemachine.


The next aspect of the project would be to add plugins that the game would use during the build.

I added a new repo for the private plugins, to avoid having them leak out to the public or break any contract!

This repo will be https://github.com/KBVE/unity-plugins-rentearth and while it is private, I will only keep the plugins that we really need inside of it.

There will be two plugins that I would like to add:

OneJS - To make the UI easier to build out! I am getting tired of writing the UI within C# or Unity, this will just make it easier. Gaia - This is our environmental handler and terrain manager!

After we get these two plugins operational, it should help make the game easier to build out!

Got damn! The first plugin was already 500 files+! We will zip those up and prepare to upload them to private repo.

Well, here I thought that 500 was a lot, but now I am looking at over 7000+ files from just the world builder, this is going to be an interesting build process.

After getting all the plugins loaded onto the private repo, we would have to test the private build process and make sure that everything runs smooth!

We could actually have the steam demo ready by the end of this month, I can see the light! Yay!

Let us review the changes, starting with the manifest.json, where we added two unity packages.

  • Burst - com.unity.burst - This is a new compiler, we will need this in the future for dots / ecs.
  • Mathematics - com.unity.mathematics - We can not get far without math.

Then we can overlook the lock file and PackageMangerSettings, leaving the ProjectSettings file, which just adds some additional library functions during the build process.

With all this setup, now we need maintain the files in another repo or private storage, the joys.

I been slowly migrating all the files, about 7000+ and its becoming a bit of a pain, however we are getting there.

This should resolve all our environmental and UI issues, thus only leaving us with the character itself.

The final hurdle will be getting these assets into the repo:

  • Trees
  • Ground Textures
  • Flora
  • Flowers
  • Terrain
  • Stones
  • Plants
  • Particles

I lied, the real problem was getting two DDLs to be adding into the repo, since they are both over 100MB in size. I am thinking about all the possible options that we could do to resolve it and it does feel a bit annoying that we are being held back by storage issues in 2024.

This means that I might just look into the Azure DevOps a bit further, ugh.


Well it looksa like I might have to rethink my component library within the Astro VE! I was looking to build my own custom astro library, but after looking at aceternity ui, it would make sense for me to also just integrate the library directly!