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April: 17



This is will be the official one year mark for our journal system! Now I have to migrate the older entries into this vault, which might be a bit painful because I definitely missed some earlier entries.

I do need to find a way to atuoamtically pull in my tasks , but that will be a future holy problem.


Let us open up the python stack and see what we can do! First we want to make sure that the Dokcer build works as intended.

cd ~/github/kbve/apps/atlas
docker build -t exampleapp .

However I am thinking we could split the docker image and build process a bit more? Maybe we make a v01d docker image and then use that as the base for what we want, hmm.



  • I am running into weird issues with Astro 2.3.0, going to delay the upgrade until I can resolve them.

  • Started to make a Windows 11 template for the RSPS Project, but damn it seems to be a pain to get it all optimized and secure.

  • Should we keep raw daily notes? Or would it be too much information? Hmmm.

  • While I am in India, I just finished setting up my NR accounts, it feels interesting being a dual citizen. The idea that I can be on the other side of the world and live a completely different life style.

  • It was a bumper to see Starship flight get scrubbed.

  • Damn really had to put quotes on the title to avoid the YAML error.

The error is here:

7:18:30 PM: [astro:content-imports] can not read a block mapping entry; a multiline key may not be an implicit key
7:18:30 PM: file: /opt/build/repo/src/content/_bin/_daily.md?astroContent=true:4:4
7:18:30 PM:  error   can not read a block mapping entry; a multiline key may not be an implicit key
7:18:30 PM:   File:
7:18:30 PM:     /opt/build/repo/src/content/_bin/_daily.md?astroContent=true:4:4
7:18:30 PM:   Code:
7:18:30 PM:     3 | title: {{date:YYYY-MM-DD}}-Daily
7:18:30 PM:     > 4 | date: {{date:YYYY-MM-DD}}
7:18:30 PM:         |    ^
7:18:30 PM:       5 | category: Daily
7:18:30 PM:       6 | client: Self

I had to wrap the title inside quotes to help with the mapping. >.>


1 Year Mark! W00t


You were not born a winner, and you were not born a loser. You are what you make yourself be. — Lou Holtz


  • Fixed Obsidian
  • Added MDX again into Obsidian
  • Need to add a template system for the daily notes.