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January: 13



  • 1:40pm - readme I am going to rewrite the readme for the monorepo, maybe make some minor changes to how I am presenting this monorepo? There are some styles that I wanted to incorporate into the Readme but I will try to do it slowly, without going too crazy.

  • 4:25pm - erust


    Time to clean up the erust library and prepare it for the next version. So we need to replace the applicationstate.rs with a modular state system, however we might need to create a whole new crate. The new crate would be for proc-macros that we could utilize in the future for additional crates, like kbve. Sometimes making libraries can become a pain, but I suppose that it will help my future self.

  • 8:04pm - issues


    I am going to spend some time going over the issue tickets and maybe creating a couple new ones to help me keep track of the changes. I do want to add a couple GHA / Github Actions that would help create, manage and even respond/answer the issue tickets later down the line. The idea would be to slow drip the mL integration into the monorepo, hopefully not causing too many issues down the line.

    • 502 - Issue 502 will be for the Script Migration.


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  • - Cleaning up read me.