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March: 22




The Discord Pitch for 2024 starts at the end of this month, so a bit over a week, and we still have not yet figured out the best move to make.

Part of me wants to dedicate a decent amount of time with the jam and other part of me seems to be very on the fence with the contest.


The Tamagui framework might just be the best choice for the expo application that we are building, as I am having a tough time working around the argon react native template.

My plan was to first setup the tamagui processing and then import and use the components that fit the best for an application.

Getting the Tamagui to build and work with the NX Monorepo took a bit of twist and turning, a decent amount of alcohol-infused caffine and a huge amount of headaches.

The biggest issue was the metro builder, the configuration of the tamagui and getting the expo router to be functional.


We have the docker build ready for the server side but still have to make some changes in the server-side code to address the changes in state or state management. Besides the state management, I will also have to build out a docker compose and finish up the automated deployment.

Side note: we could use coolify for the deployment, as BChip is using right now, but that might be for a later date.


My plan for this weekend is to setup an expo component library that we can use anywhere in our application development! We are going to call this the expo-bbq and it will house a decent amount of our expo typescript-safe components, which will be used in expo-lcagents and expo-kbve.

I am already mapping out a couple different type of components that we could use / make.

A part of me feels that it might be a bit overkill because it would make customization a bit more rough, so we shall see how we want to move forward with it.