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Sure! Here’s a brief paragraph about Northstar in Markdown format:


Northstar is a popular modding and custom server framework for Titanfall 2. It enables players to host custom servers, modify gameplay, and create new content, significantly enhancing the game’s lifespan. The framework supports a variety of mods, from simple quality-of-life improvements to complex gameplay changes, providing a vibrant community-driven experience. By offering an open-source platform, Northstar empowers players to tailor their gameplay and share their creations with others, revitalizing the Titanfall 2 community.


With some of the newer CPU generations, we have to make a quick edit within the system’s environment. Into the Window’s search bar, type in edit the system environment variables, which should open up the option via the Control Panel. Afterwards, click the Environment Variables... button, located right above the OK , Cancel, and Apply buttons. This should open your Windows operating system’s environment management window, then under the System variables, you want to click New to start the process of creating a new variable. The variable name should be OPENSSL_ia32cap and the value should be ~0x200000200000000. Finally, after creating and saving, press OK and then restart your windows operating system.