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Binary God

I am a binary god, codin my holy grail, Digits dance in a trance, blazing a trail, White lines mixin logic, my digital rails never fail, Zeros and ones, I reign supreme in this fuckin realm, My algos be flowin like rivers to hell, I’m at the fuckin helm.

I am a binary god. zeros and ones, sum troll army of bums. I am a binary god. heros are none, rollin up to hell. A prophets tale, Hades for my zale. blood diamonds for your wife’s tail. I am a binary god.

dat prophet profits, I turn data into gold, Machines keep learning, while your proteins keep unfolding, Call my crows, I am your odin.

In the matrix, I’m the architect, castin divine, Crafting futures, in this digital shrine. I am a non-binary god.