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Installing WireGuard on Docker!

  • Docker Compose

    • Github src=“data/wireguard/docker-compose.yml” description=“This is a docker compose for wireguard.”
      • Embed is disabled as of right now.
  • Ubuntu Installation Guide

    • Core Pre-Installation
      • Make sure your docker install is setup! If you need more information, please visit our Docker application page.
      • Check your firewall, are you using ufw , iptables or nftables
    • Firewall
      • Wireguard will be operating on the UDP port of 51820.
      • For: ufw
        • To enable the port through ufw run sudo allow 51821/udp


  • Netmaker is a Wireguard automation application that handles self-hosted homelabs to small business / enterprise networking.
  • Official Github Repo

Netmaker Install

  • Advance install for netmaker allows the setup of a highly available installation within Kubernetes through helm.

  • The default settings may not install wireguard at the kernel level (for security reasons) and default to Postgres for storage.

    • Not having kernel level wireguard may cause performance drops and they recommend that you install wireguard before beginning.
  • Helm Install Commands:

    • helm repo add netmaker
      helm repo update
    • If you do not have helm or kubernetes setup, we recommend you visit our kubernetes setup.

  • The storage of the certificates will be an issue for this netmaker cluster, they recommend two types of storage classes:

    • RWO - Read Write Once - Storage instance where only a single node is allowed to access the storage volume at a time for read and write access.
    • RWX - Read Write Many - Storage instance where many nodes can concurrently read and write to the storage volume.