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Ziggys Tutorial

  • Step 1: Create a GitHub account

  • Step 2: Learn a programming language of some kind

    • 2. Option A: Learn Python if you want to get into machine learning, data science, or finance
      1. Option B: Learn Javascript/HTML/CSS if you want to get into WebApp creation or web design.
      1. Option C: Learn Bash and optionally Python if you want to get into server administration and/or automation.
      1. Option D: Learn Batch/Powershell if you want to get into Windows server administration.
      1. Option E: Install Unreal Engine and follow the tutorials on their site if you want to get into game dev (Unity is dying due to features presented by Unreal Engine 5 according to a few game devs I’ve talked to)
      1. Option F: If what you’re aiming for isn’t one of the above, then try to find what it is you’re looking for and ask ChatGPT what steps you should take to achieve that career.
  • Step 3: Hone your skills, practice focus and determination, wield the tools of your trade and become the master.

  • Step 4: Profit

    Some great advice that was dropped by @Ziggy9263