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Song Request/Remix?

  • Remember the genre labels are persistent.
  • Best way to get a song into the Jukebox would be to create a pull request on the mdx file for the genre, group or artist.
  • Drop a link in our discord as a suggestion for a banger!
  • We are planning to add a system for submissions, I will keep it noted here.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

  • Press the Sync button and then reload the page.
  • Weekly song updates can cause broken tags, clearing the web cache can help.
  • Ask on our discord or create an issue ticket at the repo!


The Jukebox App is your ultimate music companion, designed to streamline your listening experience. This JavaScript application seamlessly plays a variety of YouTube music tracks at your convenience, eliminating the need for manual searches and selections. Whether you’re looking to discover new tunes or simply enjoy a hassle-free music session, the Jukebox App has you covered.


The best way to get help would be to reach out to our discord directly.


The Jukebox is written in:


These are future ideas for the jukebox!

We’re always looking to innovate and improve the jukebox experience. Here are some exciting ideas we’re considering:

  • Mood-based playlists: Generate playlists based on your current mood, using AI-powered music recommendations to create the perfect soundtrack for your emotions.
  • Social features: Introduce social sharing options, allowing you to share your favorite songs, playlists, and combos with friends and family.
  • Collaborative playlists: Enable users to create and share playlists with others, fostering a sense of community and discovery.
  • Music therapy sessions: Offer guided meditation and relaxation sessions, featuring calming music and soothing sounds to help reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Gamification: Introduce rewards and challenges to encourage users to explore new music, genres, and playlists, making the jukebox experience more engaging and fun.
  • Integration with popular music platforms: Seamlessly integrate with popular music streaming services, allowing users to access their favorite songs and playlists across multiple platforms.

These ideas are just the beginning. We value your feedback and would love to hear your thoughts on what you’d like to see in future updates. Let’s shape the future of the jukebox together!


A combo setting where you could listen to lofi chill mix and a lecture. So you press one button and now you can listen to j-dilla style beats and a MIT electro-magentic physics lecture!

Pitch for the Combo!

Experience the ultimate combination of relaxation and learning with our unique combo setting. Press a single button to transport yourself to a world of lofi chill beats, carefully crafted to soothe your mind and calm your senses. Meanwhile, immerse yourself in a fascinating lecture on electro-magnetic physics from MIT, presented in an engaging and easy-to-follow manner.

This innovative combo setting is perfect for:

  • Studying for exams while staying focused and relaxed
  • Boosting productivity and creativity
  • Unwinding after a long day with a unique and engaging experience

With our combo setting, you can now enjoy the perfect blend of music and learning, all in one convenient and user-friendly package. So go ahead, press the Combo button, and discover a new way to learn and relax!

Weighted Shuffle

The “Weighted Shuffle” feature revolutionizes the way you experience music by allowing you to personalize the frequency with which songs from different genres are played. By assigning a weight from 0 to 10 to each genre, you can tailor the playlist to suit your mood or preferences at any given moment. A higher weight increases the probability of songs from that genre being played next, enabling dynamic control over your music listening experience. This feature ensures that your favorite genres are more prominently featured, while still offering a diverse listening experience.

Music Theory

Music theory systematically explores the structures and systems that underpin musical creation and interpretation. Serving as a foundational framework, music theory equips composers and performers with the understanding needed to effectively manipulate elements such as harmony, melody, rhythm, and texture. Students of music theory gain valuable insights into the complex interactions among these elements, enhancing their compositional creativity and performance skills. A deepened appreciation of musical works across diverse genres and historical periods often accompanies this knowledge. Whether just starting out and aiming to grasp the basics, or an experienced musician intent on refining their craft, mastering music theory proves indispensable.