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Ryujinx is an open-source Nintendo Switch emulation software that can be used to play Switch games on Windows. To set up Ryujinx, you will need to download the emulator from the Ryujinx website. Once you have downloaded the emulator, you will need to extract the files to a location of your choice. After extracting the files, you can open Ryujinx and start playing your Switch games.



Installing RyuJinx through choco is the best option because it will keep the software up to date and make the install/removal very painless and easy! If you do not have choco installed, then head over to our choco documentation file for more information. The official package repo for Ryujinx is located here at Chocolatey if you need to verify or see their documentation.

The best way to install it would be to include the Desktop shortcut parameters! Here is the quick command to get it installed and running:

choco install ryujinx --params "/DesktopShortcut"

This will have the application installed and you can run it from your desktop! See how easy this was! Makes it so much faster!


We really recommend that you install the software via choco as it will save you time, effort and energy! If you need help check, come to our Discord or IRC.

Here are the steps you would take to setup and install RyuJinx directly for Windows:

  1. Download the Ryujinx emulator from the Ryujinx website.
    1. (a) You can choose to download the software from the Github repo as well!
    2. (b) Make sure you have your drivers updated!
  2. Extract the files to a location of your choice.
  3. Open Ryujinx.
  4. Click on the “File” menu and select “Add Game.”
  5. Browse to the location of your Switch game files and select them.
  6. Click on the “Open” button.
  7. Your game will now start playing in Ryujinx.

After you get the software installed, double check it by running it and seeing if there are any errors.


We do not have any notes yet on the Mac install for this time. I will have to spend some time setting that up on my m1, however I been told that it is a pain and is not really worth the amount of time to invest.


After installing the software, you will have to look into setting up the RyuJinx and for that we recommend using RyuSAK, which can be found here at the RyuSAK repo.