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Nu Jazz, also known as NuJazz or future jazz, is a genre that fuses traditional jazz elements with contemporary styles such as electronic music, funk, and soul. Characterized by its innovative blend of live instrumentation and electronic production, Nu Jazz often features complex rhythms, rich harmonies, and improvisational solos. This genre embraces a wide sonic palette, incorporating influences from hip-hop, house, and ambient music to create a modern, eclectic sound. Nu Jazz artists frequently experiment with structure and form, pushing the boundaries of conventional jazz while maintaining its expressive and dynamic essence. This genre appeals to a diverse audience, bridging the gap between classic jazz aficionados and contemporary music enthusiasts.


Track NameYouTube TagPlay Track
Matty Rico - Rainy DaybmXUPUu8PjYPlay Track ID bmXUPUu8PjY
Matty Rico - TopicSfgLPHM-hMYPlay Track ID SfgLPHM-hMY
ZHU - Paradise Awaits (LCAW Remix)iKW41jbJcWMPlay Track ID iKW41jbJcWM
MF DOOM x Tatsuro Yamashita x Tanda - Melody Go RoundojGwEt5e44APlay Track ID ojGwEt5e44A
MF DOOM x Yamashita x Tanda - Dancer Aint NothingqAnNPGUhOwsPlay Track ID qAnNPGUhOws
MF DOOM X Yamashita - Rae Sparkle_b99ARr8ZmkPlay Track ID _b99ARr8Zmk
Lord Apex - Love Me or Hate Me86ukyi4w6rYPlay Track ID 86ukyi4w6rY
Nujabes - FeatherjfFTT3iz740Play Track ID jfFTT3iz740
ldst - battlecry remixXqDy1V7PM8sPlay Track ID XqDy1V7PM8s
Nujabes ft. MINMI - Shiki No Uta (Levox Remix)d6e3NS99QUQPlay Track ID d6e3NS99QUQ
Nujabes - Shiki No Uta (P-Riot Remix)aDBwgBWd_bIPlay Track ID aDBwgBWd_bI
Nujabes - NAS - One Loveehegg2OMVOYPlay Track ID ehegg2OMVOY
Nujabes - Mystline (Ambyion Remix)ib6QOayO5iIPlay Track ID ib6QOayO5iI
Nujabes - Shiki No Uta - miwelli editNAkpT29vWK8Play Track ID NAkpT29vWK8
Nujabes featuring Shing02 - Luv(sic.) Modal Soul Remix4fFgrcpUbEsPlay Track ID 4fFgrcpUbEs
Nujabes - Luv(sic) feat.Shing02Y4HWvsGs0rYPlay Track ID Y4HWvsGs0rY
Nujabes - Nujabes - Luv(sic) Part 2 feat.Shing02orZdl3KqgzUPlay Track ID orZdl3KqgzU
Nujabes Luv(sic) Part 3 feat.Shing02 Ta-ku RemixhnDXQXcgbCMPlay Track ID hnDXQXcgbCM
blame (sic.) pt3 - nujabes x kanye westxBHxBq1KjIoPlay Track ID xBHxBq1KjIo
Nujabes - Luv(sic) Part 4 feat.Shing02 LASTorder RemixYHcXoHbb2pEPlay Track ID YHcXoHbb2pE
Nujabes - Nujabes - Luv(sic) Part 5 feat.Shing02 Jumpster RemixqVbz4jFGFckPlay Track ID qVbz4jFGFck
Luv(sic) Part6 - Uyama Hiroto Remix featuring Shing02FvcyZOVCORMPlay Track ID FvcyZOVCORM
Nujabes - Perfect Circle feat.Shing02Uot4Ul5-p-gPlay Track ID Uot4Ul5-p-g
Nujabes - The Final ViewmCsh6gUSW-kPlay Track ID mCsh6gUSW-k
Nujabes - Blessing It -remix (feat.Substantial & Pase Rock from Five Deez)e1p2S3HxwUoPlay Track ID e1p2S3HxwUo
Uyama Hiroto - windspeaks-ROLm9GkITUPlay Track ID -ROLm9GkITU
Nujabes - F.I.L.O. (feat. Shing02)7AjHIIjrC8EPlay Track ID 7AjHIIjrC8E
Nujabes - Think Different (feat.Substantial)l6oU080Gz5MPlay Track ID l6oU080Gz5M
Nujabes - Still Talking to YoubpOpYVDhKTEPlay Track ID bpOpYVDhKTE
Nujabes - Eclipse (feat. Substantial)oj72JYbNP9MPlay Track ID oj72JYbNP9M
Cise Starr - D.T.F.NW7v0X_QIShsPlay Track ID W7v0X_QIShs
Substantial & L-universe - Lyrical TerroristsZF3xipoI_AEPlay Track ID ZF3xipoI_AE
Nujabes - Counting StarsJQhjXXJpjlkPlay Track ID JQhjXXJpjlk
Nujabes - 1st SamuraiDY66nRSYa8EPlay Track ID DY66nRSYa8E
Funky DL - Don’t Even Try ItOAQ10W8ClroPlay Track ID OAQ10W8Clro
Substantial - Spark my SouluyUBGQNP_MIPlay Track ID uyUBGQNP_MI
haruka nakamura - Lamp feat.NujabescHQ-oVSYkeUPlay Track ID cHQ-oVSYkeU
”you have no enemies” x nujabes - aruarian dancePlJg6MkF8cgPlay Track ID PlJg6MkF8cg
Nujabes x J Dilla Type Beat - “The Wind”H2H8BuFdMWQPlay Track ID H2H8BuFdMWQ
luv (sic) pt. 2 - Nujabes x Family Business - Kanye West448-9wIYfAMPlay Track ID 448-9wIYfAM
Nujabes x Biggie SmallsBPrVmAqQIfUPlay Track ID BPrVmAqQIfU
MF DOOM & Nujabes - Minced At DawnGgMlbsvqsNQPlay Track ID GgMlbsvqsNQ
MF DOOM & Nujabes - Morning AvalancheRuW6OepFugUPlay Track ID RuW6OepFugU
MF DOOM & Nujabes - Mystery of Madness feat. CzarfacezVqRENnc4gYPlay Track ID zVqRENnc4gY
MF DOOM & Nujabes - Modern Day BattlecrypsjoPonCwQYPlay Track ID psjoPonCwQY
MF DOOM & Nujabes - A Villain’s ReflectionUl8CE_U_p0QPlay Track ID Ul8CE_U_p0Q
MF DOOM & Nujabes - Voice of Captain Brunchtn40-Z-PjAkPlay Track ID tn40-Z-PjAk
MF DOOM & Nujabes - The Grey Years feat. Jay ElectronicajsuBHVb7z2wPlay Track ID jsuBHVb7z2w
MF DOOM & Nujabes - The Mask (Interlude)fcdHyceRq3kPlay Track ID fcdHyceRq3k
MF DOOM & Nujabes - Perfect FiendlkP_0pLxWJ8Play Track ID lkP_0pLxWJ8
Nas & Nujabes - Blaze a 50 Slow4w0L6Ol4GmsPlay Track ID 4w0L6Ol4Gms
Kendrick Lamar x Nujabes - Ele(ment)Wk5wmxlu42cPlay Track ID Wk5wmxlu42c


Set NameYouTube TagPlay Track
MF DOOM & Nujabes - Metaphorical VillainyWifI7lOUI-oPlay Track ID jfFTT3iz740


Beat NameYouTube TagPlay Track
J DILLA x NUJABES LOFI TYPE BEAT - “MOONLIGHT” (prod. by b-water)8VPHswguXRcPlay Track ID 8VPHswguXRc
Capital STEEZ x Nujabes x Flying Lotus x Hydeout Productions type beatBPrVmAqQIfUPlay Track ID BPrVmAqQIfU