Introducing the SF-AB A765 Assorted Screw Set – the ultimate solution for your screw fastening needs. This comprehensive set includes a wide variety of screws meticulously curated to tackle various projects with ease and precision.

SF-AB A765

Mockup boxes of assorted screw set

Versatile Screw Fastening Solutions

The SF-AB A765 Assorted Screw Set offers unmatched versatility and convenience, making it the perfect choice for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. With a comprehensive selection of screws, you'll always have the right fastener for the job.

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Wide Variety

Includes a diverse range of screw types and sizes to accommodate various applications and materials.

Ease of Use

Each screw is designed for effortless installation, ensuring hassle-free fastening every time.


Eliminates the need for multiple trips to the hardware store, saving time and effort on your projects.