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”Study Beats” is a genre of instrumental music characterized by its smooth, jazzy flow and soothing ambiance, specifically designed to aid concentration and enhance productivity. The genre often incorporates elements of lo-fi hip hop, ambient sounds, and jazz, resulting in a mellow, unobtrusive soundscape. These non-vocal tracks feature steady rhythms, soft melodies, and gentle harmonies, creating a calming background that helps to minimize distractions and maintain a focused atmosphere. The popularity of Study Beats has surged in recent years, particularly among students and professionals, due to its effectiveness in promoting relaxation and sustained attention during tasks that require mental effort. Platforms like YouTube and streaming services have embraced the genre, offering curated playlists and live streams that cater to those looking for the perfect auditory backdrop for studying, working, or simply unwinding.


Track NameYouTube TagPlay Track
DeKobe - Stars in the ForestXhhtsViFbfEPlay Track ID XhhtsViFbfE
DeKobe - Small ProblemsA0DHLDjQhaUPlay Track ID A0DHLDjQhaU
WYS - Snowmanj9ziXYpFs1IPlay Track ID j9ziXYpFs1I


Set NameYouTube TagPlay Track
Old Lo-fi Retro Mix Tape14AI3obH8XAPlay Track ID 14AI3obH8XA