Utility functions for KBVE

Utility Menu

  • We want to manage the menu across all the applications within one main location, thus the Utility Menu has come to existence!


  • 11/4/2022 - We will isolate the menu into several sub-folders, create md files to represent the content inside the menus and then have astro generate a public json containing the menu data. Finally, we could then pull the menu and integrate it with the various applications? Hmm. We can start with two basic / generic menus and then work from there. The structure could be like this:

          return {
              id: counterId,
              status: p.frontmatter.status,
              title: p.frontmatter.title,
              description: p.frontmatter.description,
              href: p.frontmatter.href,
              icon: p.frontmatter.icon,
              target: p.frontmatter.target,
              tags: p.frontmatter.tags
    • The id will be a generic count, status would be a boolean, title / description of the link, href being the location, icon representing how it looks, target being new tab and tags.

    • Status would default to false? Allowing anyone to enable via a git edit.

  • 11/7/2022 - Menu JSON Configuration

    • Okay we could create a collection of menu items, placed under _menu, and then assign the locations for the menu via tags? Thus the final jsons would parse through the menus and enable them for the certain areas based upon the tags? Hmmm. This might be still be a work in progress but I think it makes sense for now.