KBVE Matrix is based upon the Eisenhower Matrix.


AKA Eisenhower Matrix

The theory places all objectives through a simple quadrant based upon the priority.

We have added onto the existing Eisenhower Matrix system, such that we also have a simple priority numbering system on top of it. The system is as follows:

Then in the labels for the issues, we’ve added a numbering system that starts at zero (lowest priority) and can scale infinitely, with higher numbers being higher priority. For now, we have just 0 through 3, designated as Low, Medium, High, and Very High Priority.

With this, in Github Projects, we can group by the Eisenhower Matrix, and then sort by labels. If the priority labels start with the number, then they’ll be sorted by those priorities. Order by Z-A (Descending) and you’ll have the highest priority tasks at the top of each grouped list for every quadrant of the Eisenhower matrix.

Thank you for reading KBVE.


> Ziggy had some ideas
  - Rather than using a simple quadrant system, we could extend the matrix to include a positive and negative array between -100 and 100 in order to 'map out' each task in a much more thorough way.
  - This could then be used as part of a ai assistant with a simple question to the user

  3rd dimension: Z
  - Priority range of -10 to 10