FinTech, Financial Technology, is an economical construct that stems from classical capitalism and the expansion of informatics through the information age.


This document serves to provide a simple outline to Fintech and will be turned into a proof of concept visual novel under manga -> fintech.

FinTech A-Z

We decided to write out the A, B, C, D, s of the fintech universe into cute and informative reference notes, making it easier for newcomers to understand!

Artificial Intelligence

The A in FinTech stands for Artificial Intelligence. We have extensive notes on this area within our ML/AI page


The B in FinTech stands for Blockchain. We still need to expand these notes for our favorite data storage mechanism.

Cloud Computing

The C in FinTech stands for Cloud Computing. We could dive into the types of cloud(s), building your own, expanding it via k8s/docker, ect..


The D in FinTechAZ stands for Data. A great analogy would be the idea that data mining / collection is equivalent to crude oil, while data organization is equivalent to chemical refinement. Data comes as a cluster of random hydrocarbons and the (data organization) is the separation of the data types, variables and data meta-info.


The E in FinTechAZ stands for Energy. The electrical costs from a sustainability aspect to an overall cost reduction within the given environment.


The F is Financial.


The G is Gamification.


The H is Hedge.

Internet of Things

The I is: Internet of Things


The J is: Jurisdiction.


The K is: Key Kilobyte. I am definitely trying to sneak K into the mix xD. The key aspect is important from data relations to cryptography.


The L is: Leverage Lion.


The M is: Macro Monkey.

The N is: Net Asset Value. NAV


The O is: Operations Octopus.


The P is Profit Prophet.


The Q is Qualitative.

Real Estate

The R is Real Estate.


The S is Security. This includes the representation of negotiable financial instruments AND realms of cybersecurity.


The T is for Technology.


The U is for Utility.


The V is for Virtual.


The W is for Wealth. The Wealth is a representation of capital within a personal/corporate entity through the form of credit, debt and futures.


The X is for Xenon. Xenocurrency is a term to define currencies that are deposited/exchanged in markets outside of its origin.


The Y is for Yield.


The Z is for Zombie.


These are the notes / references that we used to compile the foundation of the A-Z glossary. Some of these information sheets may be removed/replaced with more specific documentation references, as the l


The artwork for the AZ will be made using a combination of Stable Diffusion with Artful Intelligence v1. We can start with breaking down the outline of all 26 letters, then expand their term to at least 3-5 sentences, which we will then feed into the machine to output a visual art piece for the respected letter. The style would be a mixture of classic 90s cartoons mixed with old school anime but we will test case out a couple and see where it goes from there.