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RogueJester is a sci-fi, Action-RPG Shooter set in the Shaco Nebulae, the Outer Rim of the Galaxy in the Great-Cyber Year of 2101. You are an indentured Student-worker, shackled by inherited generational debt. As your Social Credit Score dwindles to the dangerous "Purge-on-Sight" values, you must navigate the information superhighway for Paydata and Digital Dolans to manage your debt, credit, and sanity. Beware; as these tickers tick tick down, the long reach of the Demoncorps approach.

How it plays

The Core Missions within The Game

[1] War Guilds.

From a Poor Peasant to a Ruthless Space Pirate Overlord with a Massive Socio-Economic Empire.

[2] Cyber Estate.

Manage your citizens and armies, just be careful and not turn into a slum lord.

[3] Market Simulator.

Swap fake stocks and start wars to increase prices of food futures! You are a mad man!

"I still have no clue what I am doing in this game. I am as clueless as the developers, but its fun!"

Leroy Jenkins

CEO of Company Placement Co.


Glittering, popping, snapping - the gnashing of Demoncode thrums through your rented cerebracket, loan-drilled to your cranium. It's just fast enough for you to get the job done. Your social credit, and galactic debt twinkle down in flashing numbers in your displays and guages and soon enough they will come for you. Your consciousness has been commoditized, and if you cannot produce, then you will simply be reduced. As bio-organic computing resource you will help shift the bottomline of the Daemoncorps, ever slightly enough. Your mission? It does not matter. It's only a matter of time before you are downloaded entirely, but until then your neurons scream through cyberspace - shattering the molds holding valuable Paydata, any bit of information worth even a fraction of cash to the Cyberdaemoncorps. Failing that, your mere presence introduces digi-entropy, as garbage meme code is left in your wake - courtesy of the RogueJester protocol. You live to destroy the hateful digital construct you've been left to. You are the program. You are RogueJester, and one way or the other, you will have the last laugh!


Title Placeholder for Now

November 30, 2020

By Leroy Jenkins

NoCode Blocks!

Aspects of the game will implement custom nocode integrations.

ML/AI through Intel!

Big shoutout to the amazing ML/AI libraries from Intel.

Rolling Demo!

RJ will release a free rolling demo to the community.