Search Engine Project

Search Engine Project from the KBVE Community!


The search engine project or /search/ was meant to be a small but unique collection of search engines that I could easily utilize! I am getting a bit tired of switching amoung GPT-based and data-mine based search engines, i.e going from You’s GPT to Google to Bard for searching. So the solution that I am thinking was to create a general but search engine experience at the core and then extend it out with unique features. The premise of this document was to keep a direct source for information related to the project that we could reference and keep up-to-date notes.




These are the notes for the search engine project by KBVE and the community.


  • Fix up CSS for the core search
  • Remove and restructure the tabs + unique search components.



We started to fix up the terrible generic Google CSS and started to overide some of the results.


Minor tweaks to the mobile and general dark mode of the search engine.


The license for the search project would be a bit tough because we are using several different search engines and license bases. I believe it would be a combination of the MIT and Apache but also copyright license / releases from each of the Engine that we use? I suppose this will have to be a future issue once we get a bit more complete and up to date.