Project RSPS is a cluster of different projects with the objective to make a MMORPG farm.

RSPS Information

Operational Template

The operational template will be a proxmox ready template that will allow us to auto-scale deployment, including allowing the usage of Terraform and Ansible; the base of the template will be Windows 11 with Python and Java installed through the Choco package manager.

Template Download

In order to avoid legal issues, we can not offer the template with Windows, so we will have to do the setup done through Powershell. The up-to-date Powershell script will be in our VIP room and hosted in private repo.

Template Security

We recommend that you clone the first template and spin containers using the cloned QEMU virtual machine. As for saving the instance, we recommend that you take a snapshot of the instance once it is ready for production, make sure to include the RAM.


These are notes on RS specific information, including skills, mini-games and items.


The primary focus of the game is to level up your skills to level 99.


For combat training, we recommend with starting off at level 1 Chickens, level 2 Cows and level 3-10 Goblins, until the character reaches a total combat level of >20.


Fishing is a core skill that the accounts have to build, as it provides a fast and cheap form of food, income and total levels. The skill is AFK friendly, allowing multiple instances to train without a risk of death or logging out.

Fishing lvl 1 to 20

The current path for fishing is level 1-20 Shrimps at Draynor and then fly fishing from 20 to 70 at the barbarian village; the village is located west of Varrock and east of Falador, following the main road.



The IP address for each account/session/instance is very important as to avoid chain bans and have a stable networking.


One of the methods that we will be looking into would be using a mobile provider to help with the obfuscation. There are two ways that you could utilize your mobile data plan, the first would be to download the mobile application (iOS/Android) directly and log in. The second way would be to setup a mobile hotspot and then remotely


VPN networks help obfuscate/hide the local IP address, thus allowing you to run multiple accounts on the same server.


NordVPN lets you have 6 active sessions on their service for around $14.00 a month.


Account Ban

Okay this tool would automatically check our accounts every 12 hours, to see if they were ban?


This section will be for note taking and keeping track of anything else that we would want to add into the project. I think we could build an automated system that could grab the accounts and then check if there were any bans?

Account Order

KBVE Account order form is a quick and easy way to place an order through our system. There are a total of 23 skills, with 15 Free To Play/F2P skills and 8 Pay To Play / P2P skills.

Account Order Format

var HP = 10;
var ATTACK = 1;
var STRENGTH = 1;
var DEFENSE = 1;
var RANGE = 1;
var PRAYER = 1;
var MAGIC = 1;
var RUNECRAFT = 1;
var CRAFT = 1;
var MINING = 1;
var SMITHING = 1;
var FISHING = 1;
var COOKING = 1;

var AGILITY = 1;
var HERBLORE = 1;
var THIEVING = 1;
var FLETCH = 1;
var SLAYER = 1;
var HUNTER = 1;
var FARMING = 1;

Quest Order Format