Rogue Jester

Rogue Jester is a Rogue-like FPS that we are building to learn more about Unity.

// import ReactUnity from "@c/Element/React/ReactUnity/ReactUnity.astro"; // WIP - A link to the playable version of RogueJester. Should we put the game behind a login screen? // Currently located at

Rogue Jester


• Get Unity Assets for Robots NPC Bosses etc(low poly) • Add more levels to the game • Creating Levels (need ideas what kinda of levels and what assets to use) • Borderlands is the TO-GO game • Improving AI( adding new state machines to the game so enemies are more interesting) • Boss Fights • Game is in space We use Space SkyBox • Leveling Up System(MAX HP increases when player levels up) • Talent Tree(TBD) • Add MiniMap(UI) • Upgrade System(Upgrade Weapons) • New Weapons Added • New Classes Added(Each class got unique ability) • SFX GunShots(NO BGX)





  1. LoginMenu
  2. IntroMenu
  3. WInScene
  4. LoseScene
  5. MainScene
  6. SecondaryScene
  7. LevelSelection
  8. — null



3D Robot Solider

UAV Trident

Combat Drone

Spider Orange

Robot Metallic Humanoid

Sentry 3D Robot

Robot 3D Sphere