Galaxia is an open source cluster-ready api.



  • Our current project is Galaxia, which will be an open source cluster-ready API that extends out to various projects. When working on, we decided that it would make sense to build an all-in-one / hyper scalable API.


  • This is a general write-up on the micro-services within Galaxia. We should isolate parts of the API into small entities that can help us scale faster at a production level. Before entering into a development phase, it would be wise to get a general sense of how we would want to implement the services and their isolation.

  • Profile

    • The module of user should consist of three components, register, login and profile.
    • Entity : Register - This entity would function to take {$username}, {$email}, {$password} and create a data block for the user.
      • The encryption for the {$password} would be a hash, most likely a b_crypt.
    • Entity : Login - This entity would function to verify , log the user in and return a JWT token that would represent the user.
    • Entity : Profile - Verify the JWT token is valid and then return the generic user information. Part of this function would be to expand on what exact information should be returned.
  • Dev

    • There will be a splinter approach to resolving this profile concept, with a multi pipeline approach. We will continuously make sure our module(s) work at a production level and expand its usage within multiple languages (Javascript, Flutter, Rust, C#) but also improve the underlying methodology. The goal is that we want the $client to operate at the user level throughout various applications, website, apps, games. Further more we want to look for ways to improve the performance and security of on the various applications.
  • Map

    • Core: https://{$component}.{$module}.{$domain}.{$tld}
      • POC: - Would be the official front-facing digital location for action of registering.
    • User Mod
      • Register:
        • Short Hand URL:
      • Login:
        • Short Hand URL:
      • Profile:
        • Short Hand URL:
      • SSO:
        • Short Hand URL:
      • JWT:
        • Short Hand URL:
      • WebSocket:
      • Net:
      • DNS:


  • Install using the docker compose.
    • This is the current docker compose for Galaxia


We migrated out of Galaxia and into Appwrite for the current time being, this was to save us time developing out our own personal API. While making our own API was an interesting adventure, the concept was not worth the amount of time to invest.