Discord.SH | A Discord Server List, Discord Topsite, Player Reward System and Bot Project.

by Anon
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Discord.sh is our first KBVE service that aims to help build automated discord bots for private communities. I am currently testing various bots to see which would be the best as the base for us to use. We are running application ID 1116505109061443614 on our current main server aka Melody the Music Bot. The goal is to automate a decent chunk of the DX, which includes the management, deployment, panel, ect..


The general scope of the Discord.sh project will be to provide a private dashboard that lets the user launch and maintain their own discord bot.

The initial stages would be the generic, User register/login/profile.

Afterwards would we would provide a simple panel that could handle a simple task of deploying a bot, adding the bot, ect…

They have to create the initial information for the Discord bot via the developerment panel, this could be handled by us but I think it be best to let them do that part.

After they get the application id, public key, token, and other variables. They save those to our panel and then our panel would deploy them via a cloud function.

We should focus initially on just this limited scope for now, at least in the bot development cycle.

Now switching over to the other side, which would be the toplist / voting. I believe we could keep that simple.

We could start with a general object / interface for the Discord Server, itself.

Title -> String , limited to 64 characters aZ09 regex Description -> String, limited to 300 characters aZ09 regex Server Code -> Number, limited to 16? characters, 09 regex, I have to double check this. Server Invite Code -> String, limited to 16? charaters, az09 regex, I have to double check this. Votes -> Number -> 0 , Read-only permission for the users.

Then add a simple vote button, that would log the IP address and the time they voted, then increase the vote count for the server by 1.

We could then run a cron to reset the votes for each of the server every 30 days.

I am thinking we could also migrate the “votes” out of the initial discord server object and move it over its own table, where it is:

Server_Object_Id -> Hash -> Represents the general object / interface for the Discord Server. Vote -> Number -> 0 , Read-only permission for the users.


These are the short notes on the development cycle.


After some consideration, we were thinking that it would make the most sense to use Discord.red as the core of the bot. This way we can focus on expanding the modules aka the cogs while having the perks of the open source python bot. Execution of the bot can be done in a python-only docker image or we could wrap the bot around NodeJS using NodePy.



These will be the notes on the user interface and experience.


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