Visual Novel DevLog

Visual Novel Dev Log


h0lybyte: Okay we got the pipeline operational, even unicorned Github a couple times but it looks like it should be smooth sailing for the time being. I did spend way too much time failing on understanding the github error logs, I should practice carefully reading through the error logs and search them with better abstraction layers.

john: Added some generic player controls and a generic loading screen, to help us see what version we are currently operating in.


h0lybyte: Okay so on VC we were talking about the type of Unity version for the engine? I am not too sure what we wanted to do. So I went ahead and looked at the LTS release, found here -> Unity LTS

It seems that the latest Unity version release was November 2022 and it is Unity 2021.3.14f1.

Going to build the repo , which will be public and located here

For the .gitignore, we did the basic unity template that Github provided, there might have be additional files added later down the line.

Generic ReadMe was also auto-generated, but we can replace that later down the line.

Yaml for the generic WebGL


This is the first journal entry for the 2DUnity concept/engine and it is meant to be a base project for Game Jams.