Three Hard-assed rejects pledge to find God , or rather – one has pledged to do that. Enter Jesse Custer – Christian Street Shaman, and meat-container for the Nephilictic entity; Genesis. Genesis was bred from the union of Angel and Demon, and after bouncing around from holy man to holy man upon landing on Earth, it found Jesse and imparts upon him the Word Of God.  The Word Of God allows Jesse to tell you to “get fucked” and then you find the best way to do that; be it finding the nearest bathroom stall with a gloryhole, (more on gloryholes later), finding a seedy motel (more on seedy motels later), or whatever can be narratively contrived at any given time for any given situation. To hilarious effect. In any of the cases, you have gone to get fucked and Jesse continues to shakedown his Texan village, New Orleans and Bourbon Street, a Christian Uber-cult, or even some unlucky Angels, for answers. He won’t stop until God gives him one.  

       He is aided by an IRA Vampire named Proinsias Cassidy. He’s from the OG IRA, 1916-era, and so and so, and he had an unlucky tumble with a bog hag banshee. Since then he’s chosen to roam America, sucking and fucking and drugging – and has seemingly not lost his accent in all this time. We meet him hitting terminal velocity after leaping from a plane of vampire hunters, and we continue to see him being just slightly out of direct sunlight, and/or wearing an umbrella hat or blankets or whatever is handy. He’s impressed by Jesse’s hard-assed-ness, and he’s also fucking his girlfriend.

       Enter Tulip O’Hare, professional hitwoman. She’s  been Jesse’s main squeeze since the Pre-preacher days, back when they used to rob banks and commit to the mutual life of criminality. Jesse wanted out, and Tulip knew no other life. They separated, but only barely – she’s back and with a vengeance. She’s arguably the deadliest of the trio, and that’s accounting for the one guy’s magic and the other one’s immortality. She is conflicted but also compelled by the Preacher’s drive, and something in that vendetta calls to her.

                AMC’s Preacher has in some ways elevated the original story created by Steve Dillon and Garth Ennis. What was a Neo-Western, Love Triangle, Road-Trip, Christian Mythology, Urban Fantasy Thriller has been lovingly recreated and adapted into what makes a familiar seasonal streamTV experience. There’s enough new stuff that it’s not a direct retread, and the performances of very nearly every character is entertaining to watch and listen. Herr Starr, the Saint of Killers, and even God, Jesus, and Satan command the scenes they are in with gusto. Seth Rogan’s influence is felt in the production, and our central protagonists contributed in this space as well. Top billed Producer, Sam Catlin, has some co-production credits with Breaking Bad’s Season 2. There’s no loss of talent across the board, with respect to writing, direction, acting, costumes (of which Tulip/Negga gets the widest variety) , set design, the opening music, the fact that they make Assface’s mouth bigger when he has lots of speaking roles in a scene, blah blah blah — The show is good, and there’s just nothing else to say about that.


Other than [W̵̨̛͈̼̦̦̬͇̪͙̊̐̅̈̽̀̏̀͝Ȁ̸̧̨̟̟̱̦̱̦̯̝̃͘Ṱ̶̘͖̓̅̊̽̚͝C̸̥̀͒̑̅̀̀̚͝H̵̤̩̗̬̹̞̞̤̋̾ͅ ̷̨̝̮̗̞͌͑͑̂͗̆T̶͚̯͎̟̟͖̙̘͙̻̏̽̑̉̀͊͘͘͝͝H̸̡̰͈̱̲͎̣̒Ȩ̷͇̻̥̬̼̬͋̅͋̔͜ͅ ̶͖̗̖͎̬̃͑S̴͖͚͉̑͑͐̌̋̄̕͠ͅḨ̸̘̠̬̼̞̦̎̈́̽̐͂͒̉O̸̡̨̤̝̼͓̦̿͛ͅͅW̵̦̟̑͑͌].

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